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A Nurse Agency Can Be a Valuable Resource

To launch an ultimately successful job search, you will need to make use of every available resource, including the use of a nurse agency.

Listed below are the top seven ways recruiters can provide an added boost to your job search.

Chance to Apply for Non-Advertised Jobs

Job openings are often listed with a nurse agency rather than being posted to the facility web site or advertised on a job board. As a result, if you limit your search to job boards or apply only to facilities directly, you may be missing out on a large number of possible opportunities.

Recruiters Market Candidates

A nurse agency that receives résumés from qualified candidates will match those job seekers to specific facilities. They will take into account the candidates’ professional background or culture and will try to market them by highlighting their relevant qualifications and accomplishments, stressing how these will serve their particular client’s needs.

Embed Keywords (in your resume)

If you have been consistently submitting your résumé but receiving no reply it may well be that it has been screened out by keyword-specific software.
This software searches for certain keywords embedded in your résumé that the hiring manager has deemed important for a given role. If your résumé does not contain a sufficient number of these keywords it will be overlooked by the pre-selection software.

Nurse recruiters know the relevant keywords for different practice areas and will make sure to distribute these words strategically throughout your résumé, so that it makes it past the initial screening.

Edit Resume for Best Presentation

Recruiters are able to assist you in creating a résumé that highlights your most relevant accomplishments. Since hiring managers typically just scan your resume during an initial read-through, recruiters will place your most significant and relevant accomplishments in the first two lines of each job on your resume to ensure your accomplishments are noticed.

Assist with Targeted Job Search

The most effective recruiters will submit your résumé only to those positions which are a best match in terms of your experience, skill-set, and accomplishments. This strategy greatly increases the likelihood that you will be invited to interviews that are more likely to lead to job offers.

Provide Comprehensive Services

In addition to submitting your résumé to employers, recruiters can also assist in three areas: 1) interview preparation, including a briefing with regard to facility culture; 2) obtain interview feedback from the hiring manager and market your candidacy; 3) help you to negotiate job offers. Because the fee that the nurse agency will collect is directly tied to your starting salary, it is in the recruiter’s best interest to negotiate the most favorable terms possible.

Insight into the Profession

It is often the case that nurse recruiters were once practicing nurses themselves, so they are knowledgeable with regard to the qualifications, responsibilities, and work schedules of different practice areas. This enables them to be a highly valuable resource when it comes time to really learn about the job details, especially if you’re interested in making a change in practice area.

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