Newsletter: July 2012 – Nurse Recruiter Newsletter: July 2012

Editor’s Letter

A few BIG no no’s on your resume from Angie Messerschmidt, Healthcare HR Administrator.

Do not lie on your resume.

You will be found out, and it can cost you your job, even if the truth comes out months to years from date of hire.

Do not put your picture on it.

I saw this one a lot when I worked in Human Resources. It is unconventional, startling, and somewhat inappropriate to put your picture on a resume. Employers hire based on your educational and experiential fit to the position. They will see you at the interview.

Do not put your birthdate on it.

This is just asking for trouble. There is no reason ever to put your age, or your birthdate on an application or a resume.

Do not put your religion on it.

Employers do not need this information to make a hiring decision.

Do not put your familial status on it.

Once again, this is just asking for trouble. Do not volunteer information that has no bearing on the hiring decision. I am sure you are proud of your family, or lack thereof, but it has no place on the application. It is illegal for an employer to ask you this information, but if you volunteer it, is free game for discussion.

Do not put your physical description on it.

Yes, those hours in the gym were well spent, but they do not belong anywhere near your resume.

Do not put your social security number on it.

Never ever ever, put your social security number on a resume. Resumes get shuffled around and if you have a social security number on yours it could be stolen. So protect it and your self. You don’t even need to provide a social security number until you are completing your new hire paperwork. When Human Resources needs it, they will contact you directly.

Do not put a photocopy of your: credentials, identification, or work documents.

I saw this one a lot as well. Human Resources will ask you for all the documents it needs from you once a hiring decision has been made. When you include a packet of documents with your resume you are not being helpful, or saving the hiring team time. You will still be asked for original documents at the time of hire so save the money on copies, and buy yourself a frappachino or something.

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