Newsletter – December 2009 – Nurse Recruiter Newsletter – December 2009

Editor’s Letter

Happy Holidays to nurses everywhere! This month I read about nurses all around the world who have to work during the holiday season. No matter what one’s religious preference is, I have found this season to be one of joy and giving. The nurses I read about are not only doing their jobs but they are going the extra mile to make sure they are brightening someone’s holiday. From the onslaught of twelve hour night shifts to the regular stressors of the holiday season, it’s no wonder nurses can become over-worked and burnt out during what is supposed to be the most joyous time of the year. We have an article from a nurse with her perspective of working on the holiday while I look at nurses working in various places around the world. Please submit your stories so we can share them with other fellow nurses.

Articles in this month’s issue:


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