January 2009 Newsletter – Nurse Recruiter

January 2009 Newsletter

 Editor’s Letter

Welcome 2009! It’s hard to believe the first month of the new year is almost over and even though there seems to be nothing by negative news in the media lately, a new year signifies a fresh start and hope for a better year than last. We’d like to wish everyone a belated Happy New Year and if you live in a cold climate, as we are in the northeast, hope you are keeping toasty warm. Spring is right around the corner!

We also hope you’ve had a chance to visit our new selection of merchandise. We have a great selection of shirts, mugs, and bags among other things, all with some of your favorite nurse slogans. You can visit our merchandise cafe by clicking here.

“I love being a nurse and have two daughters that are BSN. My slogan since being a floor nurse for 15 years, ‘Nursing is the bedpan of medicine–we catch all the crap!'”.

Thanks to June Pinkham, RN for her amusing contribution.

Nurses On The Go

We’d like to congratulate Susan Hancz,  a Texas school nurse, for her winning submission to our “Nurses On The Go” feature.

Violence Against Nurses An Increasing Issue by Sue Antinoro


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