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Nurses~4~Nurses Newsletter Special Edition

Nurses~4~Nurses Newsletter Special Edition

Special Bulletin


On Friday, November 26th, the ABC show “20-20” will air a segment about inadequate nurse staffing. ANA and some of the SNAs have worked with “20-20” on the story. In addition, USA Today ran a piece on staffing in their November 12th issue, which featured members of the DC Nurses Association on strike at Howard University Hospital.

These media stories present nurses with the opportunity to continue to dialogue with their local media, Congress, and their state legislatures on staffing issues. ANA also has a “Tool Kit” to assist nurses in effectively articulating these issues. ANA’s “Principles on Nurse Staffing” is also available, and many SNAs are using it in contract negotiations.

There is also important information on the ANA homepage on OSHA’s release of the proposed Ergonomics Standard. ANA has been advocating for this standard for a long time to protect health care workers from back injuries and other musculoskeletal problems. Back injuries affect up to 38% of all nurses.

We hope y’all had a happy and safe Thanksgiving!!


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